SmokeTip E-Cigarette Review

SmokeTip Smokeless CigaretteA well designed new e-cigarette with a lowest price guarantee plan has taken the smokeless cigarette industry by storm. Armed with an informative website to process direct purchases, SmokeTip bills itself as the most advanced electronic cigarette on the marketplace. The company just may be right.

Certain benefits of smokeless cigarettes are undisputed. SmokeTip provides a safe solution to smokers who no longer wish to smoke tobacco but who do want to enjoy the smoking sensation. The handling of the cigarette, the sensation of a drag and the relaxation of a tasteful cigarette is ingrained in many of us.

Stop Harmful Intake

Now, we can rid the smoking experience of more than 4,000 harmful byproducts produced by tobacco smoking but still enjoy a variety of eight different nicotine flavored e-cigarettes. Electronic smoking is clean, non-flammable and a user-friendly experience that is odorless and carries no second hand smoke. Throw away those ashtrays, smoke anywhere you want and know that you are not inflicting dangerous second hand smoke on anyone.

It seems that SmokeTip has been paying attention to its competitors. Certain refinements in the delivery system, the carrying case and the company’s lowest price guarantee make SmokeTip an almost “must try” item for smokers wishing to quit smoking tobacco or for reformed smokers who like the psychological and physical act of handling a cigarette but are glad to be rid of the risks associated with tobacco products.

SmokeTip Advantages

* The most advanced electronic cigarette on the market.

* A new atomizer with each cigarette.

* The unique SmokeTip Easy Drag design.

* The company’s lowest price guarantee.

* Fast and free shipping.

* Easy reordering system.

* Largest flavor assortment in the industry.

* Money back guarantee.

SmokeTip Cartridges

Built-in Atomizer Means More Freshness, Better Taste

One of the most important strides by SmokeTip is the new, built-in atomizer which assures the user a clean, fresh taste with each new cartridge. Most competitor products call for the purchase of a new atomizer every two or three months. Due to the in-cartridge atomizer, replacing the atomizer is unnecessary.

SmokeTip’s eight different nicotine flavors provide something for everyone. The company provides Regular and Menthol products as well as several other more mild options.

The basic eight flavors include Almond, Apple, Cherry, Chocolate, Clove, Coffee, Peach, Strawberry and Vanilla. Smoke Tip’s atomized cartridges come in four different nicotine strengths including 16 mg’s, 12 mg’s, 6 mg’s or 0 mg’s. Whatever strength the user chooses, a subtle but enhanced taste will accompany each drag. Each Smoke Tip Kit comes with 6 atomized cartridges to your specifications and desired strength.

Save Money With Lowest Price Guarantee

One SmokeTip cartridge produces about 250 puffs or the equivalent of 1.25 packs of cigarettes. Are you adding up the savings? With the rising cost of tobacco products, it is not unreasonable to expect to save $2,500 per year with smokeless cigarettes.

If users find the product at a lower price than posted on the Internet site, the company will refund you the difference. Now you have a fixed price. And, remember you will never need to buy another atomizer. That savings alone puts SmokeTips at the top of the class.

SmokeTip Startup Kit is Value Packed

You’re startup kit will include:

* 2 Long Life Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

* 6 disposable individually wrapped cartridges

* 1 wall adapter

* 1 USB charger

* The instruction card

* Gift Box Packaging

The startup kit costs $59.95 including free shipping. A minimal investment to a healthier solution for the tobacco habit that is life threatening.

A Safer Alternative

Not only are you ceasing to intake 4,000 dangerous byproducts of tobacco smoking, you are treating the people around you with respect by eliminating the second hand smoke that many find offensive.

No more ashtrays, no more matches and no more flame to worry about. The largest cause of household fires is tobacco smoking. Your home is now safe, your children will not witness you senselessly partaking of a habit they know is not safe and your house and clothes and car will no longer smell like burned tobacco. These are all good things.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Users who are not 100% satisfied with their SmokeTip purchase can receive a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked. For address and details about the guarantee procedure, please refer to the web site at

SmokeTips has provided a safe, risk-free alternative to tobacco smoking. Isn’t it about time you joined the millions of converts? You will be surprised how appreciative those close to you will be. Check out Smoke Tips today.

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