Green Smoke E-Cigarettes Review

Green Smoke – South Beach’s Better Way

Green smoke has taken the smokeless, electronic cigarette experience to a new level.  For e-cig users who prefer a quality vaping experience, Green Smoke has developed its signature two-component smokeless cigarette that is distinctly unique from other e-cigarettes and offers flexibility with remarkable ease of use.

With Green Smoke, the user does not inhale smoke found in traditional smoking products.  Green Smoke smokeless cigarettes have eliminated the tobacco itself from the whole experience.  Additionally, Green Smoke e-cigarettes provide each user a means to determine their own nicotine intake and have developed a clean, odorless vaporized delivery system.

Green Smoke is not a gimmick.  Green Smoke is an alternative where the wretched second hand smoke from tobacco cigarettes is replaced with desirable fragrances like chocolate, vanilla or coffee or tobacco.

Green Smoke offers six stimulating flavors in color-coded, disposable cartridges.  These cartridges not only provide the taste in the vapor but also create the scent.  The seven Smokeless Green flavors include:

  • * Absolute Tobacco
  • * Mocha Mist
  • * Tobacco Gold
  • * Menthol Ice
  • * Vanilla Dreams
  • * Smooth Chocolate
  • * Red Label Tobacco

The patented two-component smokeless cigarette allows for a simple, one-step cartridge replacement.  Each Smoke Green smokeless cigarette cartridge is integrated with the atomizer and the nicotine pad.  Every time the cartridge is changed, the user has an entirely clean device.  The process is simple, hygienic and assures that every cartridge delivers a fresh, enjoyable taste.

When the user puts their lips to the Green Smoke electronic cigarette, the atomizer is activated and the flavored nicotine vapor is created and ready to be inhaled.  Green Smoke smokeless cigarettes are activated by use, not by an on-off switch.  With no flame and no ash, there is no mess and no risk of fire.

The vapor in Smokeless Green cigarettes consists primarily of water, nicotine, propylene glycol and flavor.  The amount of nicotine in the vapor is determined by the user’s cartridge selection.  So, Green Smoke users select cartridges by identifying the desired flavor and by selecting the desired quantity of nicotine.

There are four nicotine levels of Green Smoke cartridges:

  • * 8 mg – comparable to Marlboro Red
  • * 6 mg – comparable to Marlboro Light
  • * 4 mg – comparable to Marlboro Ultra Light
  • * 0 mg – Not available by Marlboro

A fully charged Green Smoke battery usually lasts pretty long.  Each Smokeless Green flavored cartridge is comparable to between 1 and 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes. Green Smoke users report as much as a 75% savings in their annual nicotine purchases.

In a nutshell, Green Smoke has compiled all the best features of many popular electronic cigarettes and applied new technology to produce a cost-effective and clean modern-day ecig.  Smokeless Green Smoke e-cigarettes can be enjoyed almost anywhere (check your local laws and ordinances).

Meanwhile, Green Smoke electronic cigarette users can be free from tobacco-flavored clothing, stained hands, tobacco breath and tobacco-stained teeth.  Green Smoke has put their money where their product goes.  New Green Smokers get all these benefits and a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

Green Smoke makes it hard to say no with their money-back guarantee, a great vaping experience and a terrific money-saving opportunity.  Green Smoke users report as much as a 75% savings in their annual nicotine-related purchases.

**IMPORTANT** You can use a coupon code when ordering Green Smoke. Enter “disc5-3126″ (without the quotes) and you’ll save 5% off your order :)

The Three Green Smoke Starter Kits


Green Smoke offers four starter kit options and disposable e-cigarettes.

The Green Smoke Express Starter Kit includes:

  • * 1 Electronic Cigarette Battery (your choice of long or short)
  • * 1 USB home charger kit including a USB adapter and wall adapter
  • * 1 USB e-cigarette
  • * 5 Red Label Tobacco nicotine cartridges
  • * 1 Green Smoke electronic cigarette manual
  • * 1 Deluxe carrying case included for FREE

The Pro Kit includes:

  • * 1 long and 1 short battery included
  • * 1 Lithium ion rechargeable electronic cigarette battery
  • * 5 Red Label Tobacco cartomizers
  • * 5 Absolute Tobacco cartomizers
  • * 1 USB home charger kit including USB adapter and wall adapter
  • * 1 Car charger
  • * 1 Green Smoke electronic cigarette manual

Get Green Smoke’s bestselling starter kit and more all for the low price of $99.97 today!

The Ultimate Starter Kit includes: 

  • * 1 long and 1 short battery
  • * 1 Deluxe leather carrying case for FREE
  • * 1 Deluxe carrying case
  • * 1 USB e-cigarette
  • * 2 USB chargers
  • * 1 Home adapter
  • * 1 Car adapter
  • * 5 Red Label Tobacco cartomizers
  • * 5 cartomizers in a variety of flavors

The Love Bird Starter Kit for couples includes: 

  • * 2 long and 2 short batteries
  • * 2 Deluxe carrying cases for FREE
  • * 2 Car chargers
  • * 2 USB chargers
  • * 5 Red Label Tobacco cartomizers
  • * 5 Tobacco Gold cartomizers
  • * 5 Absolute Tobacco cartomizers
  • * 2 USB e-cigarettes

The Disposables 6-Pack includes:

  • * 6 Disposable electronic cigarettes
  • * No charging needed
  • * Available in Absolute Menthol and Menthol Ice flavors
  • * One disposable equal to 1.5 packs of tobacco cigarettes

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