E-cigs Help Robert Pattinson Through a Tough Year


Robert Pattinson is having one of those years and is leaning heavily on his trusty electronic cigarettes (and probably friends and family) to get him through.

The famously private Pattinson was plunged from domestic bliss into tabloid hell this summer when his co-star and live-in girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, cheated on him with some old guy. Pattinson immediately up and moved out of their jillion dollar love nest, no doubt taking his beloved e-cigs with him.

We reported earlier this year that RPatz and KStew, who picked up the romantic habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes together while filming their teenage vampire romance flicks, both quit smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes. While Stewart remained silent on exactly how she kicked the habit, Pattinson has been open about his e-cig use.Robert Pattinson Smoking an e-cigarette

Pattinson was spotted cozying up to his electronic cigarette earlier this week when he attended the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards to present an award to his Bel Ami co-star Uma Thurman. KStew was nowhere to be seen, but the gossip rags say that RPatz held an e-cig throughout the event.

He was also reported to be puffing on an electronic cigarette nonstop at the premier of his film Cosmopolis earlier this year and at the opening of Natalie Portman’s husband’s new ballet in late September.

As part of Pattinson’s tribute to Thurman while presenting her award, he mentioned that keeping one’s commitment to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes is no easy matter when she’s around. For reasons that have yet to be determined, Thurman distracts movie cast and crew members with her beauty then plies them with endless bowls of tobacco cigarettes.

Tens of thousands of cigarettes, in fact. RPatz told the award show crowd that people who haven’t smoked in years begin chain smoking when Thurman is around.

Surely this is whips up some bad karma for Uma. What possible reason could she have for torturing people with the most addictive substance on the planet?

Pattinson had the last word, though. At dinner that night, he offered Thurman a puff of his electronic cigarette. She accepted, but inhaled just once. We can only assume that it didn’t have that delicious carcinogen flavor she likes so much.

We like to think that electronic cigarettes have helped RPatz through this difficult year. Quitting smoking is tough under the best of circumstances, but trying to remain tobacco-free while photos your of girlfriend making out with someone old enough to be her father are plastered all over the media must be nearly impossible.

So far so good, though. Hats off to RPatz.

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