E-Cigarette Popularity Soars Among Smokers


Over the last five years the popularity of electronic cigarettes in the US and around the world has increased. From 2010 to 2011 the amount of smokers who had tried an e-cig increased by 10%. Former smokers have found e-cigs a better alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes. Many smokers have found that e-cigs enable them to have better control over their smoking addiction and less of the negative side effects associated with smoking. For long-term smokers who suffer from side effects like shortness of breath, stained teeth, and lingering tobacco smells, these new e-cigarettes offer relief. A recent study released by the Center for Disease Control explained that 1 in 5 tobacco cigarette smokers had tried electronic cigarettes.

E-cigarette popularity rises

“E-cigarette use is growing rapidly,” explained Tom Frieden, Director of the CDC.

While research on the long-term effects of using electronic cigarettes is still being conducted by the Center for Disease Control, electronic cigarette use in the US continues to increase. This increase in the popularity of smokeless cigarettes is sure to continue as smokers find the benefits of e-cigs exponentially outweigh the drawbacks of tobacco cigarettes. Still, early studies of smokeless cigarettes have given e-cig users hope as they have shown these products have less harsh toxins than traditional cigarettes.

Since electronic cigarettes are battery operated they do not release the harsh carcinogens found when burning tobacco products. Instead, e-cigs work by heating a water-based liquid with a battery operated atomizer, turning the e-liquid into a vapor that can inhaled. The increase in electronic cigarette use has coincided with better e-cig technology and more customizable electronic cigarettes.

These days e-cigs are no joke. Top selling electronic cigarette brands like Green Smoke, Blu Cigs, V2 Cigs, and more offer their users a line of assorted e-liquid flavors and nicotine options. This enables smokers to choose an electronic cigarette that suits their needs and has even helped some quit by slowing decreasing their nicotine intake. Compared to traditional cigarettes, e-cigs are cutting edge technology. The CDC continues to stay on top of this growing electronic cigarette technology, ensuring e-cig brands are releasing quality products to the public.

Awareness of electronic cigarettes seems to be on the rise. Recently electronic cigarette brand NJOY got air time in a 2013 Super Bowl commercial. This and recent television advertisements for Blu Cigs featuring Stephen Dorff have helped electronic cigarette awareness increase among Americans. While conventional cigarettes are banned from TV this law does not effect e-cigs and this is something electronic cigarette manufacturers have taken advantage of.

With more media attention focused on e-cigs and smokers offering their testimonials it does not look like smokeless cigarettes will be going away any time soon. Their benefits have given new and long-term smokers hope for breaking their habit and quitting smoking on their own terms.


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