Discounted E-cigs: This Year’s Hottest Halloween Accessory


Here’s yet another reason to switch to e-cigs: Halloween costume authenticity.

Let’s say you want to dress up as Don Draper or any of the other characters from Mad Men. Despite your need to look genuinely cool at Halloween parties, we’re betting your hosts won’t appreciate you lighting up a tobacco cigarette in their homes.

First of all, traditional cigarettes smell bad. Second, Halloween costumes tend to be made from the most flammable stuff on earth, and setting your fellow partiers on fire will probably get you banned from future events. Third, there’s the whole “cigarettes will kill you” thing, which includes being punched in the face when you thoughtlessly light up in front of someone who is trying to quit.

So, e-cigs to the rescue.

There are so very many Halloween costumes that could be enhanced by an electronic cigarette, such as Al Capone, James Dean, Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart, and Joan Crawford. It takes a certain level of cool to successfully pull off dressing up like one of these Hollywood legends, and an electronic cigarette is a safe way to complete the look.

Perhaps you prefer to dress up like someone from this millennium? E-cigs can help there, too. Throw on your grubbiest clothes, assume a brooding look, and hang an e-cig out of your mouth at a jaunty angle — voila, now you’re Robert Pattinson.

If you haven’t already discovered how much better electronic cigarettes are than tobacco ones, this Halloween is the perfect time to give them a try. If you have commitment issues and or are too cheap to purchase a vaping starter kit, no worries. Many stores now carry individual e-cigs for about the same price as a pack of traditional cigarettes.

As if all of this isn’t enough incentive to add an electronic cigarette to your costume, V2 Cigs is offering a storewide 20% Halloween discount on its Vapor Couture products.

Go forth and vape, friends.

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Did I read you right? One individual E-cig costs the same as a regular cigarrete pack with 20 cigarrettes? How is this cheaper?


I’m not sure what you mean…e-cigs can be re-used over and over again, so 1 e-cig may be a lot more than just 1 pack of cigarettes, but you can use it A LOT longer than regular cigs

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