Blu E-Cigarettes Review

Blu E-Cigarettes – An Advanced Smoking Solution

The exciting advancements made by Blu electronic cigarettes have helped ignite the demand for e-smoking alternatives.  While many beginning electronic smokers are skeptical about e-smoking, Blue smokeless cigarettes just might replace that skepticism with a healthier, less expensive, stylish and highly enjoyable smoking alternative.  Many Blu electronic cigarette smokers have said goodbye to tobacco odor, tobacco-stained teeth and the discomfort imposed by traditional cigarette smoking upon friends and family.

The developers of Blu cigarettes had smokers in mind with their newest smokeless cigarette.  Blu electronic cigarettes are designed to look, feel and taste like traditional cigarettes while simulating the traditional smoking experience, but not imposing the habit on others.  Blue smokeless cigarettes may be enjoyed anywhere, inside or out. They are the ONLY e-cig that makes its liquid in the USA using 100% American ingredients.

Blu smokeless cigarettes have taken the e-cigarette experience a few steps further than earlier e-cigarette brands.  Blu electronic cigarettes provide the best of both smoking worlds, offering the touch, feel and taste of a real cigarette without the actual use of tobacco.

Blu E-cigarettes have made significant taste advances offering five different flavors.

Blu Cigarette Variety Pack

  • * Java Jolt
  • * Vivid Vanilla.
  • * Cherry Crush
  • * Magnificent Menthol,
  • * Classic Tobacco – the most popular flavor

Many Blu E-Cigarette users are committed to reducing their intake.  Invariably, theses users have tried other ways of quitting, but either miss the tobacco taste or the physical act of the smoking experience.  Blu smokeless cigarettes allow the user to reduce the strength of the nicotine intake yet enjoy the physicality of smoking.  One of the interesting Blu electronic cigarette options provides the smoker with the opportunity to select the strength of the mixture as well as the flavor and thus wean themselves off the craving for tobacco.

The developers of Blu electronic cigarettes elevated their product and their sales when they developed the proprietary, patented Blu cigarette case.  The manufacturers believed e-smokers had become frustrated with the cumbersome nature of other electronic cigarette products.  The Blu cigarette case has solved the rechargeable battery and cartridge refill portability in one easy step.

Blu e-cigarettes come in a dynamic container that looks like a cigarette package, is the same size as a conventional pack of cigarettes and contains a built-in battery charger and enough space for 5 refill cartridges.  The appeal of this feature is not underestimated by experienced electronic cigarette smokers.

UPDATE: Blu just released thier new Premium starter kit which has new social features built into the pack. When another blu user is within 50 feet, the logo will light up and the pack will vibrate – pretty cool indeed. There are also new pack charging and battery indicators right on the pack.

The “super mini” model Blu electronic cigarette is shaped, styled and colored like a traditional cigarette so Blu cigarettes not only look, feel and taste like traditional cigarettes but they can be carried and enjoyed anywhere and everywhere because they contain no tar, no tobacco, no ash, no smell and create no second hand smoke.

Blu electronic cigarettes are affordable and cost effective.  Like most electronic cigarettes, Blu E-cigarettes cost about 75% less than traditional cigarettes.  These days, cost is a big consideration.

The New Premium BluCig Electronic Cigarette Experience

There is a sense of excitement when the new Blu starter kit arrives.  Inside the brand new premium Blue Starter Kit are:

  • * 1 Blu premium pack with new Social features
  • * 2 Blu batteries
  • * 1 wall charger
  • * 1 USB charger
  • * 1 carton of cartridges in the flavor and strength of your choice

To optimize the Blu smokeless cigarette experience, the battery and the Blu pack should be fully charged before use.

The new Blu cartridges cartridges combine the atomizer and cartridge into one unit that gives better vaping experience and increases the flavor and the amount of puffs (over 250) per cartridge.

Blu E-cigarettes have no on-off switch.  When the user presses the cigarette to the lips and inhales, the blue LED light at the tip glows signaling the device is working and simulating the flame of a real cigarette.

The batteries can be charged by either using a conventional wall port or by attaching to a USB port on a computer.  When the blue charger pack light is on, the pack is in the charging mode.  The Blu pack and the batteries take between 1 and 2 hours to fully charge.  Each charged battery provides approximately two cartridges worth of full-flavored enjoyment between charges.  This is the simplest, most flexible combination provided by any electronic cigarette product.

Once the battery pack is charged, it serves as a battery charger as well as a great carrying case.  A battery receptor is inside each package.  The user screws the battery into the receptor until the LED battery light flashes and the blue light on the side of the pack light goes on.  When the sidelight goes off, the battery is completely charged.  When the battery is charged the battery should be detached from the receptor.  The Blu E-cigarette pack can replenish the battery up to six times before a recharge is necessary.

Each individual cartridge supplies enough nicotine and premium flavoring to accommodate over 250 puffs.  When the cartridge no longer produces the vapor, it can be easily replaced.  Blu electronic cigarettes have taken the electronic smoking experience to a new level.

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