The Best Electronic Smokeless Cigarettes Reviewed

Electronic cigarette smokers like the idea of smoking.  The motivation may be inspired by the taste of the nicotine or the physical act of having an e-cigarette in hand or by a commitment to cut back and save money, it makes no difference.  Smokeless cigarettes are making their way onto the global scene in a big way.

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Part of the allure of smokeless cigarettes is the absence of the harmful qualities normally associated with conventional smoking.  They do not contain hundreds of harmful chemicals that are in traditional cigarettes.  They are free of tar, flame, carbon monoxide, carcinogens and ash.  E-cigarettes do not pollute the environment or create second hand smoke, yet they still produce a pre-selected taste that goes along with the physical act of smoking. They are also very “smoking ban” friendly for states that have indoor smoking bans. (Read more about the health benefits of e-cigarettes).

Electric cigarette users have come to realize the flexible benefits and cost savings provided by electronic cigarettes.  With the nicotine strength of each smokeless cigarette chosen by the user, many e-cigarette smokers can actually wean themselves off the traditional habit (although the FDA doesn’t allow these e-cig manufactures to market them as smoking cessation products).  Other e-cigarette smokers choose the no-nicotine propylene glycol cartridge as their option to enjoy a harmless physical act of smoking without any nicotine intake. Most prominent smokeless cigarette brands offer interesting flavor cartridges as well.

The electric cigarette is operated by a lithium-ion battery-operated atomizer that heats a pre-selected and sometimes flavored, water-based nicotine solution.  This process creates a heated vapor, which is inhaled by the smoker, satisfies the nicotine craving and delivers an exciting and safer substitute for smoking.

The Food and Drug Administration is evaluating the effects of electronic cigarettes, but many countries around the world have already authorized their use.  Smokers looking to quit the habit choose electric cigarettes because they can still satisfy the physical urge to take a cigarette out and raise the smokeless cigarette to the lips.  These physical acts are a large part of the smoking habit.  Certain e-cig solutions allow the user to enjoy that action at no risk to the smoker’s health.

Electronic cigarettes have eliminated more than 3900 chemicals contained in the traditional cigarette.  21st century technology has struck again as millions of former smokers have converted to smokeless cigarettes while millions more have changed their perception and started anew with electronic cigarettes and electronic cigars.  Truly, the smokeless cigarette is a happy alternative to various traditional tobacco products. It’s very easy to get started with a starter kit which is offered by most of the E-cig brands.

Read more about what smokeless cigarettes are and how they work and then see how much money you can save by checking out our savings calculator.

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Quick Guide to the Smokeless Cigarette Brands Featured On This Site:

Green Smoke:

Green Smoke is firmly committed to a refreshing, safe and flavorful draw with each drag of their smokeless Green Smoke e-cigarettes.  The simple two-stage delivery system serves as an effective and cost effective treatment for e-cig lovers.  Users can select from numerous flavors and varying nicotine strengths all the way to zero nicotine.

One advantage of Green Smoke is that the two-stage delivery provides a clean, odorless atomizer with each new cartridge.  With Green Smoke, there is no residue build-up, no stale taste.  Every drag is clean and rewarding. The user simply discards the old atomizer and attaches the new flavor-filled cartridge.  Forget that offensive smoke odor, the need for flame from lighters and the annoyance of smoke.  This is one  tasty platform.

Users can start with a higher nicotine strength if they prefer, or they can start with a lower strength or even 0. The Green Smoke support network is one of the best in the industry.

V2 Cigs:

The V2 smokeless cigarette utilizes the choice of a flavored, liquid smokeless composition of propylene glycol and water in their proprietary nicotine and non-nicotine tobacco cartridges.  Users are encouraged to try various flavors and nicotine strength combinations to arrive at an inexpensive alternative to  tobacco. In efforts to present a transparent product, V2 publishes the results of all tests on its website.  The test results from every batch of the liquid V2 smokeless cartridges are available for public review.

Safety and customer service is an important part of all V2 products. V2 batteries last more than 24 hours and can be easily charged via a computer or a wall outlet.  When the present cartridge is completely enjoyed, the user can try any number of flavor choices by simply unscrewing the used cartridge and making a flavor choice and a nicotine strength choice.

V2 recommends that users begin with medium light nicotine strengths and adjust according to preference.  The flavor strength is as important as the nicotine strength.  Some users find the full strength an unwise starting point.

A big selling point of V2 e-cigs is the sleek, appealing design of the product.  This gives the user the user the same sensation as handling a standard tobacco product.  Like other vapor cigarettes, V2 does not contain any tobacco or tar.  This is a great product to enjoy for many vapors.


BluCigs are designed to replicate the tobacco smoking experience without the risks of tar and tobacco that can jeopardize the user’s health.  Blu Electric cigarettes are a cost effective alternative.  Users can choose from five different flavors and three different nicotine strengths.

At the center of the distinctive Blu e-cigarette experience is the appealing container, which is similar in size and shape to a conventional cigarette pack. The smokeless Blu cigarette case contains a built-in battery charger and space for as many as five refill cartridges.  The batteries can be charged with a wall port of by connecting to the USB port of a computer.

The super mini Blu smokeless cigarette looks, feels and tastes like a traditional cigarette.  Many users seeking to end their tobacco habit have had success with the Blue e-cigarette while enjoying the benefits of no ash and odorless intake.  When the user takes a drag, a LED light signal ignition.  Blu e-cigarette users enjoy the freedom and versatility of the smokeless cigarettes at a cost amounting to just 25 percent of the cost of annual use of tobacco-based products.


Smoke Tip e-cigarettes were created with three basic principles.  First is that e-cigarettes are safe and more beneficial to persons addicted to tobacco products.  The second basic principle behind Smoke Tip is the e-cigarette is very helpful to persons attempting to free themselves from the rising expenses connected with all tobacco products.  The third principle is to prove that Smoke Tip users can get all the taste they want from tobacco-less products.

The Smoke Tip philosophy is to keep the smokeless cigarette experience simple.  The starter kit is the least expensive and the least complicated startup package in the industry.  Yet Smoke Tip cigarettes use the proprietary 2-part, easy drag system that is gradually becoming the industry standard.

While this smokeless, odorless e-cigarette is the length and look of a conventional tobacco product, the flavors offer a spectacular range of flavors including traditional and the very popular almond and coffee flavors.  Choose your nicotine strength and any one of 14 flavors and discard used cartridges in favor of a fresh atomizer with every new flavor.

As for savings, every cartridge is the equivalent of 250 drags or 1.25 packs of tobacco cigarettes.  Start saving today!

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